“Financial services” means a lot of different things to different people.  It can be anything from a simple transaction to a deep intimate relationship and anywhere along that spectrum. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it is important to find the right professional with the right process to meet your needs.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

This may seem elementary, but nobody wants to be in any kind of relationship with someone they don’t like and that includes professional.  In order to have a healthy, productive relationship moving forward we need to establish mutual trust and transparency. This meeting is as much for you as it is for me.

Assuming we get along and we can see us working together moving forward, I like to learn a little more about you, your background, and your goals for the future.  I believe the most value we can add through the entire process is crystallizing your goals.  This is an exercise we, as a society, don’t do enough. There is a lot of talk about having goals and dreams for the future, but not a lot of action. Most of us have goals for ourselves, but never take the time to write them down and articulate them. Without doing this, the likelihood of ever achieving them is slim to none. 

Step 2: Fact Finding

Once we have a clear understanding of your actual goals, we need to take a look at where you are now. It would be irresponsible for a business to operate without a grasp of the value of its cash flows, assets, liabilities, etc. Why would your financial life be any different? You will ultimately receive your own personal statement of cash flows, balance sheet, and income statement which will serve as a foundation for further planning.

The purpose of this meeting is to gather all the data I need to ultimately build a strategy to accomplish the goals uncovered in Step 1.  After this meeting, I’ll go to the drawing board to draft your financial reports and a personalized financial strategy to realize your stated objectives. 

Step 3: Presenting Your Solutions

This third step is where we see actual solutions to realize your goals. We will walk through all the numbers and make sure everything makes sense. Sometimes adjustments need to be made. Maybe we want to adjust our assumptions. Maybe something new has come up on your end.  In this case, we’ll go back to the top and diagnose what needs to be tweaked, in which case another meeting is probably necessary. If everything looks good on the other hand, I expect us to look at the next steps and start taking action. The two biggest impediments to accomplishing any goal are not defining it and procrastination. The most important part of my job is to help you overcome both of those roadblocks.  If we’ve each done our job up to this point, there should be no reason to not move forward.

Step 4: Periodic Reviews

Life happens. Things change. Plans need to be adjusted.  We will define how often you want to review your strategies and how you want to be updated. Some people prefer face-to-face annual reviews. Some people prefer quarterly virtual reviews. There is no right or wrong assuming we both communicate expectations. 


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